Google turns on more detailed display of streets in four world cities in Maps

Google has enabled the previously announced more detailed display of streets in Maps. For now, the feature only works in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and central London. Due to the change, zebra crossings and traffic islands can be seen.

Side-by-side: old and new view
in London. Source: Android Police

The changes are therefore mainly intended for pedestrians, Google says. Also, the width of streets on the map at a high zoom level is now adjusted to the actual width in real life. For example, pedestrians should be better able to find their way over busy intersections in city centers, for example.

Google already announced the change in August. It is unknown if and when the more detailed display will work in cities in the Benelux. According to Android Police, this is a server-side upgrade and users do not need to update the app to see the new details.