Google shows innovations for Play Store on Wear OS

Google shows the new design of the Play Store on Wear OS. This is based on the Material You design with rounded corners and should make it easier to navigate the download store on a small screen. There will also be other adjustments.

Google promises several changes for the Play Store related to Wear OS . This should make it easier for users to find apps for smatwatches from a phone or other device. You can do this by adding ‘watch’ or ‘watch face’ to a search query.

Even if users aren’t specifically looking for an app, Google Wear wants to put OS apps in the spotlight. That will happen with clusters of featured apps in the Play Store Wear OS and Watchfaces for Wear OS categories.

The new design of the Play Store on Wear OS is based on the Material You principles that Google has been using since May this year. On watches, apps are displayed as a list and the items have rounded corners. According to Google, the design is optimized for use on small watch screens and users can install apps from the watch.

Google also says Wear OS apps will open a payment page on a paired Android smartphone if an in-app purchase is made from an app on the watch. The purchase can then be completed on the phone.

According to Google, the changes will be rolled out in the Play Store on Android phones and Wear OS watches running version 2.0 or newer in the coming weeks. The new Play Store design has already been implemented early on some Wear OS watches , 9to5google wrote early this month . Google is now providing concrete information about this for the first time.

The changes were announced ahead of the release of Wear OS 3.0. That new version is a combination of the Google operating system and Samsung’s Tizen operating system for smartwatches.

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