Google releases VPN service for data saving within apps

Google has released Datally, a VPN service to save data within apps. The search giant has already tested the service in the Philippines in recent months. The app is aimed at developing countries, but can also be installed in the Benelux.

Google has put Datally in the Play Store and it seems that all phones from recent years can run the app. The service allows users to block individual apps from using data. To save data within apps, Google uses a VPN connection, so that all traffic goes through a Google server. On that server, the search giant saves the data by presumably compressing images and other elements.

Services like Datally show an interest from Google in the budget market. After Android One, things seemed to be quiet around those initiatives, but six months ago the Android maker said at its developer conference I/O that it is splitting Android in two to create Android Go, a version for devices with little memory. Sessions at I/O focused on developing apps and services for users with low-power devices and small data bundles. In the meantime, initiatives have emerged for dual SIM functions in the Phone app and a storage cleaner.