Gearbest is back online, but does not clarify financial problems

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Webshop Gearbest is back online. A month ago, the website went offline following suspected financial problems at the parent company. Users received an ‘invalid url’ notification and social media channels were no longer updated. Gearbest did not provide any information.

The web store has come back online, without the company, or Chinese parent company Globalegrow E-Commerce, having responded. The company looked in July whether it could file for bankruptcy because it had run into financial problems. As a result, it would no longer pay suppliers and the supply of products to consumers had stopped. The website went offline in early October.

Gearbest seems to have been active again on the Russian social media channel VKontakte since then. The company has not posted anything on Facebook since July 7, nor has it been active on other social media channels. There is no mention of the offline going offline on the company’s blog, the last post is more than a year old. On Facebook, users report that they have not received orders for months and that customer service is making ’empty promises.

According to the website Android MT, Gearbest returned last week. The website writes that both the order history and help desk tickets of customers are still visible and messages can be sent, but that some pages are inaccessible. According to Android MT, it seems that the site has been hastily put back online.

It is not recommended to place orders with Gearbest as long as it is unclear what the status of the company is. The reappearance of the webshop does not necessarily mean that the company is not bankrupt. Gearbest itself does not provide any information about the state of affairs and it is unknown whether Gearbest is actually supplying customers again.

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