Apple mixed reality headset is coming (and getting pretty premium)

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It can’t be long now: the Apple mixed reality headset is coming. Next year it will already be that time, writes Apple watcher Mark Gurman. There have been rumors about this completely new Apple product for a long time.

Apple mixed reality headset

Mixed reality means that the special Apple glasses support both Augmented reality and virtual reality. With augmented reality (AR), an extra layer of digital information is placed about reality. Think of arrows over the road in a navigation app. With virtual reality (VR) you no longer see anything of the world around you, and you are immersed in a completely digital world. For example a game.

Whether the headset will immediately be embraced by the masses remains to be seen. It is probably quite a premium product. According to Gurman, it will be a very expensive device with advanced chips, screens and sensors – it can even estimate your facial expression. Price tag? At least 3000 dollars. Where a Mac (despite the new M1 chip) is still not best for games, the Apple Mixed Reality headset must become.

Apple Glass

Incidentally, Apple also plans to launch a product based on augmented reality in the future. This may be the last major new product category Tim Cook will launch before retirement, Apple is rumored to have it. Cook has also indicated in interviews that he sees Augmented reality as something revolutionary.

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