Fortnite gets improved gyro controls on Switch, Android, PlayStation and PC

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Epic gives Fortnite improved control via the gyro sensor on Nintendo Switch and Android devices with an update. Also, gyro control can now be used in combination with PlayStation controllers on both PlayStation consoles and PC.

To enhance game control with the gyro sensor, Epic collaborated with Jibb Smart† That is a developer known for its implementations of gyro control in games. He is also the creator of flick stick, a method of using both a controller’s right stick and the gyro function to move quickly and aim accurately. That method has been implemented in Fortnite from version 19.30.

The Switch and Android versions of Fortnite already had support for the gyro sensor. However, its implementation has been improved and there are new options for players to choose from. For example, it is possible to use gyro control only when aiming or only on weapons with a scope.

In addition, gyro control is now available on all platforms that support controllers with a gyro sensor. Specifically, this concerns the PlayStation and the PC, in both cases using a PS4 or PS5 controller. Xbox controllers do not have a gyro sensor. Epic notes that the gyro controls will not work when playing Fortnite via GeForce NOW on PCs or mobile devices.

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