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Version 6.0 of Zabbix has been released, a version with extra long support. With this program, the status of network services, servers and other network equipment can be monitored. Although the program can only display simple information, more detailed information can also be obtained by installing a so-called agent on the server. More information about Zabbix can be found at this page be found and here are some screenshots. Detailed information about the changes in this release can be found herethese are briefly the most important:

New features

  • Out-of-the-box High Availability cluster for Zabbix server with support for one or multiple standby nodes
  • Redesigned Services section, tailored for flexible Business Service monitoring with the ability to monitor over 100k services, define flexible service calculation rules, perform root cause analysis, receive service status change alerts, and more
  • New machine learning trend functions for baseline monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Monitor your Kubernetes instance with out-of-the-box Kubernetes monitoring for pods, nodes, and Kubernetes component monitoring
  • New Audit log schema enables detailed logging for both the Zabbix frontend and backend
  • Track your host status and location with the new Geomap widget
  • The Top hosts widget provides Top N and Bottom N host views sorted by item values
  • Ability to define custom Zabbix password complexity requirements
  • Multiple UI improvements. Hosts can now be created directly from the Monitoring section.
  • Zabbix Agent2 now supports loading stand-alone plugins without having to recompile the Agent2
  • Monitor SSL/TLS certificates with a new Zabbix Agent2 item
  • Performance improvements for Zabbix Server, Proxy, and Frontend
  • All of the official Zabbix templates are now stand-alone and do not require importing additional template dependencies
  • And many other improvements and features

Version number 6.0 LTS
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website Zabbix
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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