Fortnite for Android also seems to come out exclusively for Samsung Tab S4

According to XDA-Developers, code shows that the Android version of Fortnite is released via Samsung’s own app store. Earlier there was a rumor that the game will be available exclusively for the Note 9 after release for a month. That would also apply to the new Galaxy Tab S4.

XDA reports that it has obtained an apk file containing an installer for Fortnite version 5.20, which will go live on other platforms this week. The apk and all necessary game files can be downloaded and installed, but the game will only work on those accounts approved by Epic Games. It seems that users of the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 and S9 and the Note 8 will be able to download the game after release, but only be able to play it after 30 days.

According to XDA, the Android version of Fortnite checks whether the user has a Samsung device, and specifically whether it is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. The presence of an S Pen is also checked; perhaps to use in-game, but it could also be done to prevent Fortnite from being played on a device other than the Note 9 or the Tab S4 in the first thirty days.

Fortnite for Android is believed to be coming out soon; Epic Games previously announced that it will happen at least this summer. The developer will not offer the Android version through the Play Store, but through its own website. Epic Games says to do this for financial reasons, among other things, so that the company does not have to hand over thirty percent of the proceeds to Google.