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new Netflix series Maniac from director True Detective

Ooh, this looks good. New Netflix series (or mini-series we should actually say) Maniac is made by Cary Joji Fukunaga, an American director who previously made Beasts or No Nation and True Detective. The series follows Emma Stone and a surprisingly slender Jonah Hill who, as Annie and Owen, take part in a pharmaceutical experiment conducted by Dr. James Mantleray (Justin Theroux) is headed.

As you can see in the trailer something goes wrong soon, but what that is is not quite clear as it should be. It seems as if the two end up in all kinds of alternative realities, but that is probably all in their brain. As the doctor puts it in the trailer: “Once you start to appreciate the pain of the mind, there is no reason to believe that you can not be changed.” The mind can be solved . ”

Mindfuck Maniac

It seems like a huge mindfuck and if your series like Dark and Stranger Things are high, this would seem to have been about waiting for the sequels (at least Stranger Things ) a little shorter to make. In any case, it comes from the same semi-scifi barrel where things happen that clearly are not possible, but could possibly be possible. After all, we know so little about our own brain that these kinds of problems should be possible again!

The series is coming to Netflix on September 21, but we do not know how mini the series is. If it is in the line of Stranger Things you should think of an episode or eight, but it could also be less. If the series can deliver what the trailer promises, it may well be a few more!

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