Download Firmware Synology DSM 6.1.6 build 15266-1

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Synology recently released version 6.1.6 of Disk Station Manager and now the first update for it has been released. Synology DSM is the management software that runs on several of the company’s NAS products. The Disk and Rack Stations offer more than just extra storage space. For example, backups of all clients on the network can be made and files can be downloaded via http, ftp, bittorrent, usenet and emule, so that, for example, energy-hungry PCs can switch off at night while the download just comes in. In addition, audio and video files can be streamed over the network via the built-in iTunes server, a dynamic website can be hosted using PHP and MySQL and the device can act as a print server.

In order to install version 6.1, at least version 6.0 must be present. Furthermore, it is only suitable for the NAS models whose type number ends with 11 or higher. For the other conditions and the different downloads, look at this page. Version 6.1 includes the ability to encrypt shared folders, the NAS itself can detect and fix errors when using the Btrfs file system, and some components are converted to separate modules, including USB Copy, File Station and File indexing. However, most of the improvements in version 6.1 only affect the heavier models. The changelog for version 6.1.6 so far looks like this:

Version: 6.1.6-15266-1

  • Fixed an issue where Drive might not work properly when the indexing rules have been changed.
  • Fixed an issue where certain functions in Package Center might not work properly on Synology NVR products.

Version: 6.1.6-15266

  • Fixed an issue where iSCSI service may stop under Windows cluster environment.
  • Fixed an issue where the history record of Resource Monitor may not be updated.
  • Fixed an issue where Korean files may not be read by HFS+.
  • Fixed a security vulnerability regarding p7zip (CVE-2017-17969).
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding NTP (Synology-SA-18:13).
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding Linux kernel (CVE-2017-15649, CVE-2017-17712).
  • Fixed a security vulnerability regarding isc-dhcp (CVE-2018-5732).
  • Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities regarding Samba (Synology-SA-18:08).
  • Fixed multiple vulnerabilities (Synology-SA-18:14).

Version number 6.1.6 build 15266-1
Release status Final
Website Synology
License type Freeware
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