Firmware update: Draytek Vigor 2700/G/V/VG/Gi/VGi/e/Ge 2.8.3

Draytek has released a new firmware release for its Vigor 2700, Vigor 2700G, Vigor 2700V, Vigor 2700VG, Vigor 2700Gi, Vigor 2700VGi, Vigor 2700e and Vigor 2700Ge routers, which are suitable for passing ADSL2, ADSL2+ and VoIP connections. The version number has since arrived at 2.8.3. The list of customizations looks like this:

New Features:

  • Add a new telnet command “adsl showbins up” to show bits of bin on upstream.
  • Add DSL default settings for Portugal.
  • Support TFTP ALG..
  • Add MTU size item on Web Interface.
  • Add “Select all” button in DOS Web Interface.


  • Corrected: IGMP Snoop (on Web Interface) can’t be saved.
  • Corrected: Modify ADSL modulation word from “T.1413” to “T1.413” on Web Interface.
  • Corrected: Wireless connection failed while security set.
  • Corrected: The router will reboot if 64 WPA clients connect to AP at the same time.
  • Corrected: Wireless halt problem occurred if encryption client numbers exceed 62.
  • Corrected: Display error in Trace Route Web Interface.
  • Corrected: Packet fragmentation function error in the True IP DMZ application.
  • Corrected: Daylight saving wrong in some time zone.
  • Corrected: VPN (LAN to LAN) stop to dial out when connection failed and status stay in IF_LINKING.
  • Corrected: VPN dial out failed and the status stay in IF_ASSIGNED for a long time.
  • Corrected: Sipalg QoS class 1 and 2 default configuration setting error issue.
  • Limit maximum PPP MSS to 1438 for Vietnam.
  • Change the words from “Start IP Address” to “Assigned IP range”.
  • Modify the description for Corrected blocks and Uncorrected blocks in Online Status Web Interface.

Version number 2.8.3
Release status Final
Website Draytek
License type Freeware