Software Update: Growl 1.1.6

Growl is a program for Mac OS X that allows the notifications of other programs in various styles can be displayed on the screen. For example, a pop-up can be shown when a file has been downloaded, when a new e-mail has been received or when someone comes online in a chat program. The developers released version 1.1.6 a few days ago and provided it with the following list of changes:

Version 1.1.6:


  • Fixed the displays pop-up menus’ failure to list WebKit-based displays ([e0c40e4a5c51], fixing #388256)
  • Changed fade time for most visual displays from three-fourths of a second to one-fifth ([c2f6adaf90b7])
  • Increased default time on screen from four seconds to five to compensate for the above change ([fee030c66025])
  • Assorted fixes to bugs discovered by Ted Kremenek using the Clang Static Analyzer ([1d6cde4c4fc3], fixing #385045; [6febcb06621d], fixing #385038; [7293e4e2f375], fixing #385044)
  • Updated minimum system version of Growl to 10.4, matching reality ([89fe0aa56dd8])


  • Made it work on Safari 4 ([a6eb28fcc0b7])
  • Made it require Safari 4
  • Fixed a small memory leak that occurred every time you downloaded something ([22ffbf7ae378])

Version number 1.1.6
Release status Final
Operating systems macOS
Website Growl
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)