Firmware Update: Draytek Vigor 2820/n/Vn 3.3.2

Draytek has for his Vigor 2820-, Vigor 2820n and Vigor 2820vn routers released new firmware with 3.3.2 as the version number. These routers are suitable for passing ADSL2, ADSL2+, cable and VoIP connections. The list of changes includes improvements for voip and wlan, and looks like this:

New Features:

  • Support USB disk application (FTP/Samba).
  • Support wireless VLAN/SSID mapping function.
  • Support mirror port feature.
  • Support Secure Phone feature by using ZRTP+SRTP.
  • Support TwoCom DDNS services.
  • Support new models for 3.5G modem, such as Bandluxe C120/C170/C270, ZTE MF626/636, and support Option Icon new driver including Option 225 and HSUPA modem Sierra 881/885/888, Sony Ericsson MD300, XS Stick W12, D -Link DWM-652 modem).


  • Fixed: VPN DPD disconnect from remote side.
  • Fixed: DHCP server gives out invalid IP when subnet mask is not class C (
  • Improved:USB 3G stability for using P2P software.
  • For VoIP
    • Fixed: the problem of rebooting when using supplementary services.
    • Fixed: the problem of ISDN DTMF detection
    • Fixed: the problem for single codec and ISDN codec
  • For Wireless
    • Disable Ralink 11n RDG (Reverse Direction Grant) function
    • Improved Wireless interoperability with Vigor AP700 when using WDS with WPA or WPA2 mode.

Version number 3.3.2
Release status Final
Website Draytek
License type Freeware