Facebook is working on a feature to crosspost Stories to Instagram

Facebook is experimenting with a function to also post the Stories on the social network on Instagram. A researcher found the feature in the app. Facebook uses the technology that also makes the reverse possible.

The feature became discovered for the first time by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who often makes such discoveries in applications. Wong discovered a feature in the privacy settings of the Stories function in the Facebook app. It says ‘Share Story on Instagram’. Users who enable the feature will see ‘Share as Story’ again. It is not clear whether users can also see which of their friends has viewed a Story and through which app.

Facebook confirms to TechCrunch that it is working on the feature. The company uses the same technology for this as it previously made it possible to post Instagram Stories on Facebook. A separate tool has been available for this function since 2017. Facebook has been working on the possibility of integrating the social network with subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp for some time. The latter has also had Stories for a few years, in the form of WhatsApp Status. Facebook wants to change the underlying code of all three apps to enable mutual communication.