EVGA releases bios update to combat video card heat issues

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EVGA has released a bios update that should fix the temperature issues of its Nvidia cards. It concerns all 1060, 1070, and 1080 models that are equipped with the ACX 3.0 cooler. The cooler does not cool the VRM sufficiently, so that the adjacent memory becomes warm.

On an information page about the problem, EVGA posted an update where the manufacturer indicates that it has released a bios update, which changes the cooling profile. According to the manufacturer, this solves the heat problem. EVGA also indicates that the high temperatures have never caused damage to the cards.

Users can still order free thermal stickers to cool the parts that get too hot. The parts are then connected to the front and backplate, which then serve as additional cooling.

EVGA indicates that users who do not dare to apply the bios update or apply the stickers themselves can request a replacement card from EVGA. This warranty also applies if the user accidentally damages the card during the procedures. All cards shipped from November 1 will have the bios update installed.

In October, it turned out that several variants of EVGA’s GTX 1070 and 1080 video cards can get very hot in certain places. Based on user complaints, the manufacturer promised to hand out free thermal stickers to cool parts that get too hot. The problem also seems to occur with the 1060 cards, as they also receive the bios update.

GTX 1080 GTX 1070 GTX 1060 6G GTX 1060 3G
08G-P4-6181 08G-P4-5171 06G-P4-6262 03G-P4-6365
08G-P4-6183 08G-P4-5173 06G-P4-6366 03G-P4-6367
08G-P4-6284 08G-P4-6171 06G-P4-6265
08G-P4-6286 08G-P4-6173 06G-P4-6264
08G-P4-6384 08G-P4-6274 06G-P4-6267
08G-P4-6386 08G-P4-6276 06G-P4-6368

Serial numbers of cards receiving the bios update

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