European public broadcasters introduce streaming service for sports matches

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The EBU has introduced Eurovision Sport, a free streaming service for sports matches. The service includes European Championships and World Championships, and will livestream these matches. Eurovision Sport is available via browser and an app.

Eurovision Sports receives various Olympic sports, such as gymnastics, skiing and swimming, and will achieve ‘full gender equality at all live sporting events’. The service is not intended to replace the streaming services of public broadcasters, but should complement them. Eurovision Sport is EBU’s first consumer streaming service.

The EBU hopes to ‘democratize’ live sports with the service and make it more visible to users. The organization says it manages the media rights for fourteen sports and can thus show 43,000 hours of sports annually. The service must be free to view worldwide. Eurovision Sport is available via the browser and an Android and iOS app. The service was developed by Nagravision.

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