Paradox postpones early access The Sims-like game Life by You until June 4

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The early access release of Life by You, a game that resembles The Sims games, has been postponed by Paradox Tectonic to June 4. Initially, the life simulation game would be playable in early access from March 5.

Paradox explains in a blog post that Life by You will be released in early access later than planned in order to provide an ‘enjoyable player experience’ from the start. This is the second time that early access to Life by You has been postponed. The March 2023 announcement listed September 12 as the release date.

In Life by You, players can take over characters inside and outside the household. They can also perform tasks to gain XP, such as gardening. Just like in The Sims games, players must fulfill characters’ basic needs, such as hunger, thirst, hygiene, and social interactions. They can also build houses and furnish them as desired.

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