“Entry-level MacBook Pro models have SSDs with significantly lower speeds”

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The SSDs in the entry-level models of the recently announced MacBook Pros are relatively slow compared to the SSDs in the predecessors of the new Apple laptops. Several reviewers report this based on their findings.

Among other 9to5Mac shows that a test with the MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro-soc and 512GB storage space shows that the speed of the storage comes out at 3154.5MB/s and 2973.4MB/s for the write and read speed respectively. With the MacBook Pro also equipped with 512GB of storage with the M1 Pro-soc, the speeds come out at 3950.8MB/s and 4900.3MB/s. Blackmagic’s Disk Speed ​​Test benchmark tool was used for these findings.

The results are confirmed by others. Like this reported ZoneofTech’s Twitter account previously reported that the 14″ Macbook Pro with M2 Pro soc reached 2929MB/s and 2703MB/s for writing and reading respectively, versus 3450MB/s and 4081MB/s for the previous 14″ model with the M1 Pro soc. He already indicated that a choice by Apple should probably be looked at for the cause. The company seems to have used some SSD modules again.

The website 9to5Mac writes that it wanted to take a look inside. It shows that the new MacBook Pro with M2 Pro-soc and 512GB has only one visible nand chip on the front of the motherboard and that there will probably be a second one on the other side. This contrasts with the predecessor which has two pairs of nand chips. This does not necessarily lead to less storage capacity due to the use of individual nand chips with more capacity, but at least that seems to be the cause of the relative speed loss.

Similar findings are made for the base model of the also recently announced Mac Mini with M2-soc. Like this reports Twitter account Notlerone said that the base model of Apple’s new small computer has a read speed of 1431MB/s and a write speed of 1482MB/s. The base models of the Mac Mini released in 2020 that are equipped with the M1 soc can achieve read speeds of 2854MB/s and write speeds of 2733MB/s, according to the account.

Apple MacBook Pro with M2 socs

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