EA admits FIFA Ultimate Team may have ‘chemistry problem’

Electronic Arts has responded to FIFA players’ complaints regarding the processing of some stats. According to research by gamers, the ‘chemistry’ of football players in Ultimate Team is not calculated correctly. EA makes a lot of money with this game mode.

Community manager ‘Rob’ says in a post on the FIFA forum that the team is conducting a thorough investigation into the ‘possible inconsistencies’. While EA has not yet fully acknowledged that the game mode has issues, the publisher appears to be taking gamers’ complaints seriously.

FIFA players have discovered that in Ultimate Team mode, the “chemistry” of some football players, which can be obtained for a fee, is not calculated correctly. It could be a glitch, but other gamers argue that EA artificially weakens strong teams and makes weak teams stronger in the online game mode.

The discussion was sparked on Reddit last weekend and a ‘megathread’ has now appeared that summarizes all the information about the ‘chemistry glitch’. FIFA players have posted videos on YouTube demonstrating the problems.

The Ultimate Team game mode is free to play for owners of the games, but real money can buy cards that give the chance for better football players to add to the player’s team. It is precisely with the most expensive cards that the ‘chemistry glitch’ would occur.

Ultimate Team is an important source of income for EA. In May, the publisher announced that it is bringing in $692 million annually through Ultimate Team modes in games such as FIFA, Madden and NHL.