Driver update: Coolbits tweak nVidia 12.41 WHQL drivers

Recently nVidia released new official drivers for the Geforce cards for the first time in a long time, ie the 12.41 WHQL drivers. Hip hip hip, hooray! But unfortunately… In the past, most detonators could be provided with 2 nice sliders by means of a Coolbits registry tweak, with which you could set the speed of the GPU core and the memory to your heart’s content, the latter drivers seemed to be insensitive to the Coolbits hack. eh…ene Wild Andy C found the solution, which seems as brilliant as it is simple: replace the nvcpl.dll of the 12.41 with that of an earlier Detonator where Coolbits did work :

What can I do? Luckily I am the one they call wild_andy_c. I know which bit of the driver set that coolbits options lives in. I will be the savior of the day (or at least I hope!).

Coolbits enables the extra options in one Dynamic Link Library (dll) which is nvcpl.dll which lives in the same directory as all of your other detonator driver files. In the case of my Windows 2000 installation this is C:WINNTsystem32. In a windows 95/98/Me/XP this may differ depending on what drive and what directory that your windows installation has been made.

What I know is that since that Coolbits will work in Detonator 10.80, and won’t work under Detonator 12.41, the nvcpl.dll file must be crippled in 12.41. I must replace the copy of this file on my machine with the one from 10.80 to get my overclocking options back.

In order to get Coolbits working under a crippled Detonator, you must :

Download and install the crippled driver (such as 12.41 any new WHQL driver)

Install Coolbits

Download a Detonator that isn’t crippled in Zip format (say the 1080 from somewhere such as ReactorCritical)

Extract the nvcpl.dll file from the uncrippled zip folder into your drivers folder in the windows drivers directory (usually system32 under NT and system under 9x)

Voila Coolbits works!!!

It may be necessary with some releases to also copy across the nvQTwk.dll file in order for your desktop tweaks to remain in working order. This is not the case in every case however. Do it only if you need to. If you don’t need to change this file, you will corrupt the system.

[break]This trick is entirely at your own risk of course. Download here the windows 2000 driver (v12.41) and here Coolbits for W2k† If everything went well, you should see this in your driver screen:


Version number 12.41 WHQL
Operating systems Windows 2000
Website Wild Andy C