Software Update: Netscape 6.1 Preview Release

auberge writes to us that Netscape has released a new version of its browser of the same name. This is remarkable, because last week a CEO of the company said that development of the browser would be stopped. One reason for this version could be that Netscape wants to fix some of the issues that still exist so that the latest version is quite stable. The changes in this version are therefore quite interesting:

  • Enhanced performance – faster page loading and web browsing.
  • Enhanced bookmark and history management-easy filing, sorting, deleting, and editing.
  • Better searching-easier navigation and the ability to search from an autocomplete URL dropdown.
  • Better downloading-easier, more intuitive support for helper applications and ability to locate and launch downloads directly from the download dialog box.
  • Support for Hebrew.
  • More versatile form management-the new Form Manager lets you presupply form information or cache it after filling out a form.
  • Better security-the Password Manager and the Cookie Manager give improved control over critical information.


    The full Windows version can be downloaded here (24MB). If you’d rather only download the parts you actually use, you can find a smart installer here. Linux users can find the full version (28MB) here, and the smart installer here.
  • Version number 6.1 PR1
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP
    Website netscape