Software Update: MySQL 3.23.39

Jbtje announced that a new stable release of MySQL has been released today. As you probably know, MySQL is the database server that brings this page up for you. Kees is now working on installing .39 on Apollo and Artemis. We expect the same from you! Anyway, if you find this interesting then you can here the vanilla 3.23.39 and here down the super-dope MySQL 3.23.39 Max (with nice goodies like InnoDB and BerkeleyDB support). Release .39 has the following changes:

  • If one dropped and added an AUTO_INCREMENT column, the AUTO_INCREMENT sequence wasn’t reset.
  • CREATE .. SELECT now creates not unique indexes delayed.
  • Fixed problem where LOCK TABLES table_name READ followed by FLUSH TABLES put an exclusive lock on the table.
  • REAL @variables with was represented with 2 digits when converted to strings.
  • Fixed problem that client ‘hung’ when LOAD TABLE FROM MASTER failed.
  • Running myisamchk –fast –force will no longer repair tables that only had the open count wrong.
  • Added functions to handle symbolic links to make life easier in 4.0.
  • We are now using the -lcma thread library on HP-UX 10.20 to get MySQL more stable on HP-UX.
  • Fixed problem with IF() and number of decimals in the result.
  • Fixed date-part extraction functions to work with dates where day and/or month is 0.
  • Extended argument length in option files from 256 to 512 chars.
  • Fixed problem with shutdown when INSERT DELAYED was waiting for a LOCK TABLE.
  • Fixed core dump bug in InnoDB when tablespace was full.
  • Fixed problem with MERGE tables and big tables (> 4G) when using ORDER BY.

Version number 3.23.29
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP