Driver Update: ATi Radeon Win9x 4.13.7062

Edward reports that Rage3D releases unofficial beta drivers Download offers. Opinions about the drivers are very divided, as you can see on the forum from Rage3D. This is the list of fixed issues:

1. Giants runs properly with environment mapping on (cubic)

2. Diablo2 runs smoother

3. Quake3 runs smoother

4. Sacrifice runs without as many flashing textures, mana and health bars fixed

5. Better image quality in UT (explosions)

6. Better image quality in NHL 2001 (ice reflections)

7. Fixed memory leaks

8. TV Out : OK (you can boot directly on it)

9. TV Out settings like position/size : OK (it was a bug on all previous version when not using a vvga monitor to boot but only a tv)

10. The white ball in the XL-R8R program is gone

11. Oni demo works properly

12. Able to record from Composite/S-Video in.

13. Carmageddon 2000 works right

Version number 4.13.7062
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website Rage3D