Dodgeball Game Knockout City from Mario Kart Live Developers Coming May 21

EA will release the dodgeball game Knockout City on May 21. It is a fairly chaotic multiplayer game in which players have to beat other teams while running through cities. The game is being made by Velan Studios, the developer of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

According to Electronic Arts, there are no special powers or abilities in the game and it’s all about throwing, catching, passing and dodging the ball. However, it is possible for characters without the ball to turn into a ball and roll to a teammate, after which the team member can throw you like a bomb at opponents.

In addition to good coordination, tackles and feints can also be used to beat opponents and extract the ball. Players can knock down opponents with a quick throw, but such an attack can also be prepared for longer, after which the ball will automatically aim at an opponent who is closest.

The dodgeball battle takes place in urban areas where players must also keep an eye out for passing cars, wrecking balls, pneumatic pipes and the dangers of high roofs. Furthermore, there are different gameplay modes, where there is room for two teams with four players each, two teams with three players each, but there is also an each-for-himself mode. Specialized balls are available and players can customize their characters and teams to their own taste, with many cosmetic items present.

Crossplay support is available and the progression in the game can also be taken from one platform to any other platform. As soon as the game comes out, there will be five multiplayer playing fields, complemented by an interactive practice environment and six types of balls. EA will then release more playing fields, modes and balls during new seasons.

A closed beta for PC will begin on February 20 via Origin and Steam, for which players can sign up. Upon release on May 21, the $20 game will be free to try for a limited time. Knockout City is out for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam. The game can also be played on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X and S via backwards compatibility.