Mario Golf: Super Rush will be playable on Nintendo Switch from June 25th

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After Mario Golf: World Tour from 2014, Nintendo comes with a new Mario golf game. Mario Golf Super Rush will be released on the Nintendo Switch console on June 25. There are, among other things, a story and a speed wave mode.

Mario Golf: Super Rush seems to have a mode similar to that of Mario Tennis Aces in that there are a large number of the familiar Mario characters present for the story mode, with all kinds of different environments passing by. An adventure mode is also available in which players can work their way up from a beginner to a pro with a Mii character. There is also a regular multiplayer mode where a golfer can play with three others, locally and online.

In addition, there is a new game mode called speedgolf. All participants start at the same time with the aim of running as fast as possible across the golf course to get to the ball. The golf ball must then be hit until it lands in the hole. The player who does this fastest wins the round. Not only golf skills are important here; special strokes and sprints are also available to defeat opponents.

Control can be done with the Joy-Con controller, which should be held as if it were a golf club. In addition, regular control is also available, without motion detection and therefore via buttons. During gameplay, players should also take into account, for example, the wind and the elements and characteristics of the course. To make the perfect shot, there are tools such as a stroke meter that indicates the deviation on a slope and the track can be scanned for slopes.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is not the first Mario Golf game released by Nintendo. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour was released for the GameCube in 2003 and Mario Golf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014. The new game, which will be released for the Switch on June 25, will cost 60 euros.

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