Devolver releases free ‘marketing simulator’ Devolverland Expo on Steam

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Devolver Digital has released Devolverland Expo on Steam. The free game is a nod to the canceled E3 game fair and the events surrounding it. In the game, players have to wander through abandoned exhibition halls and watch trailers of Devolver games.

Devolverland Expo was created by Flying Wild Hog, the studio also responsible for Shadow Warrior 3. Publisher Devolver showed a trailer of that game during its presentation last weekend and that trailer is also part of the ‘marketing simulator’ now on Steam.

Devolver had planned its own event to show its new games at its own location during the E3 fair. This was canceled due to the corona pandemic. In the game, players can visit the abandoned exhibition halls and discover the publisher’s new games.

Devolverland Expo was announced during the Devolver Direct broadcast. In that humorous production, the publisher showed new gameplay footage of Serious Sam 4 in addition to the Shadow Warrior 3 trailer Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on August 4 on Steam and for the PlayStation 4. It is a battleroyale-like party game for up to sixty players.

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