Dell Announces New Aurora Desktop With Intel 13th Gen and RTX 40 Series

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Dell announces a new Alienware desktop in its Aurora line. The Aurora R15 can be equipped with the Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake processor and recently announced RTX 40 graphics cards from Nvidia.

According to Dell, the new Aurora are equipped with the RTX 4090 from Nvidia and an Intel Core i9-13900K. To power all this, Dell supplies the pre-build desktop with a power supply of 1350 watts. The cooling has also been upgraded to an AIO with 240mm fans. Until now, Alienware supplied AIO with 120mm fans, but that is no longer sufficient for the new generation of Intel processors, the manufacturer thinks.

In addition to an RTX 4090, another RTX 40 video card can also be supplied with the Aurora R15, although it is not yet specified which ones. It is also possible to go for an RTX 3090 Ti or a graphics card from AMD up to the Radeon RX 6900 XT. Furthermore, the PC can only be equipped with DDR5 ram, up to a maximum of 64GB. For storage, there is the option for a 4TB NVMe drive, which can be supplemented with a HDD of up to 2TB.

It is not yet known what the starting price will be for the new Aurora. Alienware’s desktop should be available this fall.

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