‘Cyberpunk 2077 patch has been postponed because employees can’t access their VPN’

Recently, CD Projekt Red reported that the second major patch for Cyberpunk 2077 will be delayed until the second half of March, and according to Bloomberg, this is partly due to employees not being able to log into the developer’s VPN.

The anonymous sources Bloomberg relies on say they are familiar with the matter and report that the majority of employees do not have access to their workstations. That would be related to CD Projekt Red’s previous refusal to pay ransom after a previous cyber attack. As a result, employees cannot log into the company’s VPN, which prevents them from using the necessary tools and systems. Although there are employees of the Polish developer who work on site at the office in Warsaw, according to Bloomberg, the majority are working from home due to the corona pandemic.

In the hack, the attackers gained access to CD Projekt RED’s internal networks and infected the company’s servers with ransomware. They also got their hands on the source codes of games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3. These would have been traded by now. The anonymous sources now report that the attackers may have also had access to personal information, such as passport details and Polish identification numbers. That would have led the company to ask its employees to suspend their accounts and send their computers to the IT department so that the devices can be scanned for malware.

Cyberpunk 2077 was released on December 10 and was immediately criticized for the many bugs and performance issues in the game. These issues affect all platforms, although most of the issues were found on the PS4 and Xbox One. To mitigate or eliminate the issues, CD Projekt Red released patch 1.1 last month, which mainly consisted of bug fixes and stability improvements. The next patch should have been released in the following weeks, but this patch 1.2 was recently delayed to the second half of March.