Courseroot – Biggest online course database on the web

Courseroot aggregates and ranks the best online courses from the biggest platforms on the web. Prospective students can filter through +50.000 online courses based on the level of difficulty, price, hours of content, and certificate quality.  There are also thousands of free courses for students. Currently integrated are Coursera, edX, Udacity, Futurelearn, Khan Academy, Udemy, Springboard, and Skillshare.
At this very moment, there are thousands of people learning new skills online. Whether it is for one of the hot new subjects like data science and machine learning, or whether it’s a classic like photography or math, the internet has given instant access to knowledge and expertise to literally billions of people around the world. Every day new online courses from new platforms are popping up and its hard to keep track of where you need to be and which course is the best for you. This is where we try to help. Courseroot is a platform that aggregates all these courses on the internet (the 5 major platforms thus far), ranks them, and allows you to filter through them based on price, difficulty, certificate quality, hours of content, and more. To make it just a bit easier for you to take the next step in acquiring that new skill.
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