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Copy, Paste Anything over the Network with this free Tool:Piknik

Piknik is a free software to copy paste anything over the network. You can copy, paste text and files easily by this tool. You can run the server on any machine in a network and then the clients in the network can communicate over it to send the data. To copy or paste the files, text, you just have to run simple commands and also to do a little configuration to make it work. It works as a clipboard sync tool but it runs on a central server and supports multiple platforms to send or receive data.

This tool can help you to send code snippets, images, GIFs, or any other piece of text easily in just a few seconds.

Piknik is a very unique and useful tool for organizations and teams. You can share the same data with your teammates just by copying the data on one PC, and it will be available on each client connected to the network.

The best thing is that it only reveals the data to paste when you run a command. It just doesn’t send the data to the Windows clipboard.

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