Cooler Master and Murata show 0.2mm thin vapor chamber for mobile devices

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The Japanese company Murata, together with Cooler Master, has developed a vapor chamber that is 200μm, or 0.2mm thin. According to the manufacturers, the vapor chamber is the thinnest heat dissipation element for electronic devices.

The companies do not mention in their announcement what material the vapor chamber is made of, but judging by the color in the images, it appears to be copper. The design was made by the Japanese Murata and the production was handled by Cooler Master.

The two companies want to collaborate more to release such products. Cooler Master is therefore building a test facility at its headquarters in Taiwan that meets the same requirements as Murata’s facility in Japan. The facility should be ready in the second half of this year. According to the companies, this makes joint development faster.

The thin vapor chamber is the first thin device cooling product that Murata and Cooler Master plan to launch together. The companies intend to further expand that partnership and develop more heat dissipation elements together. It is not yet known when the thin vapor chamber will go into production and in which products it will be used.

Thin vapor chambers are already used in some high-end smartphones. However, Murata and Cooler Master claim that their copy is the thinnest yet. Boyd Corporation, an American company, makes 0.4mm thin copper vapor chambers and 0.3mm thin titanium and stainless steel ones.

Vapor chambers consist of two layers of thin metal, with a liquid in between. That liquid absorbs the heat of a smartphone soc and therefore evaporates. The vapor spreads within the vapor chamber, distributing and dissipating the heat. When cooling, the liquid condenses, causing it to flow back into the heat sink.

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