Razer releases compact wireless mechanical keyboard for 190 euros

Razer is releasing a 65% wireless version of its BlackWidow V3 keyboard. It is a mechanical keyboard without, among other things, numeric keys on the right side and the F keys on the top. The compact wireless keyboard costs 190 euros.

The BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed ​​can be connected to Razer’s HyperSpeed ​​standard, via bluetooth or with a USB-C cable. With that USB-C cable, the keyboard can be fully charged in five hours while the keyboard is in use. The HyperSpeed ​​standard works with a 2.4GHz connection and a HyperSpeed ​​dongle. This USB dongle can handle multiple devices, so that, for example, a Razer mouse and keyboard can be connected to a PC at the same time with one dongle.

The keyboard comes in two variants, where the chosen switches make the difference. Both switches are from Razer. The yellow switch has upgraded mufflers, while the green switches have no mufflers. The keyboards get doubleshot ABS keycaps with Chroma RGB lighting on every key. The keys can be pressed at least eighty million times, according to Razer.

The BlackWidow V3 Mini has a battery life of up to 200 hours. Razer does not specify whether this applies to a Bluetooth or HyperSpeed ​​connection. Furthermore, Razer talks about adjustable keys with support for macros, the keyboard supports five profiles and a polling rate of 1000Hz is mentioned. The housing is made of aluminum.