Company behind Google-less Volla Phone wants to release successor this year

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The German company behind the Google-less Volla Phone wants to make a new version of the device. The makers do not give any details about the new device yet, but say that crowdfunding will start later this year and that the phone will have at least three cameras.

The device is made by the same makers who raised money in 2020 for an Android smartphone without Google services. The makers write now that they want to come up with a successor later this year, the Volla Phone 22. Details about this are not yet known, but the makers want to collect the money through a Kickstarter campaign, just like with the previous device. Last time, the makers only achieved that goal after a previous failed attempt. It is not known how high the new target is.

Specifications about the phone are also still missing. The makers say they want to make a durable device. The battery should be replaceable and ‘long-lasting’. Software updates would also be released for a long time. The original Volla Phone was characterized by running its own software based on Android Open Source Project, but without Google services. The phone was also available with Ubuntu Touch. The Volla Phone 22 also comes with that Volla OS or Ubuntu Touch.

The only concrete thing that the makers mention is that the phone will have three cameras. In addition to the main camera, it must also be an ultra-wide camera and a macro lens. They should be recessed into the frame and not protrude. It is not yet known when the Kickstart campaign will start and when the phones should be delivered next, but the makers of both say that it has to happen “in 2022”.

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