Mozilla leaves the development of Persona authentication software to the community

Mozilla has announced that it will no longer actively support the Persona project, an authentication service for Firefox. Development of the project will be handed over to the community, although Mozilla developers will fix any bugs.

The browser maker makes this known on its website. Mozilla’s employees who have been assigned to the Persona project will now turn to other matters. Further development will be handed over to the community, according to Mozilla. Effectively, this stops development from Mozilla, just like Thunderbird did before.

Mozilla is not completely withdrawing from Persona: for example, any bugs are repaired and the browser maker promises that it will continue to support Persona in its browser. The reason for stopping the active development is that the authentication service has few users.

Persona is similar to services like Facebook Connect and OpenID. It is possible to use the service to log in to websites, with Mozilla stating that Persona offers better protection for personal data than competitors.