Chinese EV maker NIO announces 150 kWh solid-state batteries for 2022

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NIO has announced a groundbreaking battery for its electric cars: 150 kWh solid-state batteries with an ultra-high energy density of no less than 360 Wh / kg. With that, it may dealt a serious blow to competitors Tesla and Xpeng.

These new batteries are not yet available, but the Chinese company is confident that it will start delivering the new batteries to customers from the fourth quarter of 2022 – which is almost two years from now.


NIO started with a 70 kWh battery in 2018, then introduced an 84 kWh battery in 2019 and a 100 kWh battery at the end of 2020. NIO owners can exchange the obsolete batteries in their cars for a one with a higher capacity.

150 kWh battery

The new 150 kWh batteries can probably also be used in the older models of NIO. The first generation NIO ES8 from 2018 will have a range of no less than 730 km with 150 kWh on board.

Once the 150 kWh becomes available, the new, more efficient NIO models will have even more range. The all-new NIO ET7 would have a range of 1,000 km NEDC.

It is also promised that the new batteries will offer “good battery life” and “higher charging efficiency”, but details are still scarce.


Those new batteries combine different technologies, including Nickel-Ultrarich Cathode and Si / C Composite Anode. The battery cells are probably supplied by a new company: Solid State Lion.

Overall, it all sounds great, but NIO itself says it will take two more years to implement this new technology. Chinese tech companies also regularly exaggerate in their press releases, it remains to be seen whether the new batteries will actually debut.

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