Canalys: PC market grew by 25 percent at the end of 2020

The market for desktops and laptops grew by 25 percent at the end of 2020, analysts firm Canalys has calculated. Due to the corona pandemic, the PC played an important role in the transformation to working from home, according to the analyst firm.

In total, 90 million desktops and laptops were sold within a quarter, Canalys said. That was 72 million in the last months of 2019. Over the year, demand for PCs also increased, despite the lack of supplies in the winter months. Manufacturers had to go into lockdown when the corona pandemic hit many factories in Asia.

The full-year increase was 11 percent, Canalys said. It is striking that the increase is entirely due to the growing deliveries of laptops. Demand for desktops declined last year, as it has in previous years.

Lenovo was the market leader for the entire year with a share of 24.5 percent, followed by HP at 22.5 percent. Dell is third at 16.5 percent, trailing Apple and Acer, who both hold around 7 percent of the market.