Software Update: Text Editor Pro 14.0.1

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Version 14.0.1 of Text Editor Pro has been released. This free, small and simple text editor has extensive features, which are especially interesting for software developers. For example, there are syntax highlighting for more than fifty scripting and programming languages, macros and vertical selection blocks, and it can compare files. The program is being actively developed and new versions with minor improvements are regularly released, although this has been less recently. Since version 12.2.0, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 14.0.1:

  • fixed action
  • fixed clipboard

Changes in version 14.0.0:

  • Added language option for application
  • Added SFTP directory (separated DLL file download)
  • Added show file opening time option for status bar (default false)
  • Added show output option for execute item
  • Added unfocused active line background color for text editor
  • Fixed -appinipath application parameter
  • Fixed about
  • Fixed big file loading
  • Fixed close all, close all other, and close modified
  • Fixed color themes
  • Fixed directory
  • Fixed execute items
  • Fixed file sorting in directory
  • Fixed language change
  • Fixed options
  • Fixed output
  • Fixed Pascal highlighters
  • Fixed print preview
  • Fixed save changes
  • Fixed startup
  • Fixed virtual tree control
  • Optimized text editor control
  • Updated language files

Version number 14.0.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Text Editor Pro
License type Freeware
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