Canalys: chip shortage leads to limited discounts on smartphones this fall

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Global chip shortages mean that smartphone makers cannot make enough copies of their phones, analysts firm Canalys reports. Due to limited stock, consumers should expect phones not to go on sale this fall.

Smartphone makers are gradually increasing the prices for smartphones, because purchase prices of chips have risen, Canalys estimates. Despite this, stocks of new smartphones are low worldwide. “More customers have started to count on shopping spree and the coming wave of demand will be impossible to fulfill, so consumers should expect discounts on smartphones to be less aggressive this year.” If smartphone makers do want to offer discounts, they may want to bundle wearables such as smartwatches, wireless earbuds and fitness trackers.

Deliveries of smartphones have fallen by 6 percent this summer compared to the same period last year, according to Canalys’ preliminary estimate. The proportions in the market are virtually unchanged. Samsung remains the market leader with a share of around 23 percent, followed by Apple at 15 percent and Xiaomi at 14 percent. Vivo and OPPO follow, each with 10 percent of the market. Canalys will now charge OnePlus with OPPO, because both brands are merging. These are still provisional figures, because the quarterly reports of the companies have yet to come.

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