Microsoft is testing Windows 11 beta that fixes AMD CPU performance issues

Microsoft has released a beta of a Windows 11 build that partially addresses the L3 cache issues of Ryzen CPUs and fixes a bug that caused the Windows 10 taskbar to show up on some users. AMD will release an additional fix later this month.

Build 22000.282 is available in the Beta and Release Preview Channels for Windows Insiders and is said to address performance issues with compatible AMD CPUs, according to Microsoft. These were caused by problems in the L3 cache.

In Windows 11, the latency of the L3 cache of AMD CPUs is three times higher than in Windows 10. This causes programs that are sensitive to memory subsystem access time differences to run slower than before. Games like esports are said to run 10 to 15 percent slower on Windows 11 compared to Windows 10, according to AMD.

The increased latency of the L3 cache was not the only problem that slowed AMD CPUs under Windows 11 performance. There was also a problem with the CPPC2 within Windows 11’s UEFI. It determines which threads should be processed by which cores and no longer automatically assigns the fastest core to a thread under Windows 11. This problem is still waiting for AMD to come up with a solution this month. Among other fixes, Microsoft is also reporting a bug that caused the Windows 10 taskbar to be seen on some users of the Windows 11 operating system.

Video preview of Windows 11, based on last summer’s beta