Bang & Olufsen unveils LG 77-inch OLED television with ‘folding’ speakers

Bang & Olufsen unveiled the Beovision Harmony at Milan Design Week. This is a 77″ OLED television that was developed in collaboration with LG. The device is based on LG’s C9 and has two speakers that unfold when the TV is turned on.

Bang & Olufsen describes the operation of the unfolding speaker system as ‘a butterfly opening its wings’. When the television is turned off, the wooden and aluminum speakers are folded vertically against each other and are mostly in front of the screen. As soon as the television is switched on, the speakers unfold horizontally to the bottom of the television; the screen also rises slightly.

The Beovision Harmony is in fact an LG C9 OLED television with a 77″ screen size and an integrated sound system designed by Bang & Olufsen. The television is compatible with Bang & Olufsen’s multi-room system and a 7.1 sound decoder is built in, so that up to eight Beo-lab speakers from the manufacturer can be connected.

The television is a C9 and therefore has the specifications of this 4k model from LG, such as support for Dolby Vision, webOS 4.5 and Apple AirPlay 2. In addition, Tune-In and Deezer are installed as standard. The Beovision Harmony is expected to be available from October for a price of approximately 18,500 euros.