Bambu Lab is recalling A1 3D printers due to possible safety risks

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Bambu Lab is recalling all A1 3D printers with the exception of the A1 Mini due to problems with the heatbed cable. Although there are known defects in a ‘very small number’ of printers, the company advises customers to stop using the A1 models due to safety risks.

Bambu Lab states in a blog post that a small portion of users have reported a defect related to the heatbed cable. The cable could cause a short circuit due to the problems. This would amount to less than 0.1 percent of the A1 printers sold. The Chinese company says it cannot yet determine with certainty what the cause of this is the problems is.

All customers have the option to return their Bambu Lab A1 printers for a full refund. Anyone who purchases an A1 Mini, P1 or X1 model from the company after returning it will receive an $80 discount. Bambu Lab expects new A1 models with revised heatbed cable to be available around May.

In addition to returns, customers can choose to replace the heatbed once the revised version is available. The new heatbeds are expected at the end of March. Customers who choose this option will receive a $120 discount on purchases from Bambu Lab’s online store. The warranty period is also extended by six months.

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