Autonomous driving; sleeping from A to B in new Volvo 360c concept

The mobility issue today is fascinating and more than interesting. How do we move safely and reliably from A to B in the future? Many hundreds of companies, including the big boys, participate in studies and experiments or participate in any way in many interesting concepts and applications in the field of mobility .

It is agreed that autonomous driving is the future. Imagine that you can simply sleep when your car brings you completely autonomously from A to B. Volvo himself says that autonomous driving will ensure the most significant improvement in road safety since Volvo Cars invented the three-point belt in 1959.

Fiction or reality?

Of course, the new 360c is a concept car and as such will not come on the market. It is another step towards fully autonomous driving. We are not there yet but in 2021 Volvo itself wants to launch its first self-driving car on the market. Imagine that you can really drive autonomously from A to B and that your car will indeed look like your bedroom or office …

Universal standard

Volvo unveiled yesterday a concept for autonomous driving, namely Volvo 360c. In the development of this model, the goal and also the most important challenge, when it comes to autonomous driving, was to develop a safe way of communication between fully autonomous vehicles and other road users. That is quite something. This new form of mobility is, in fact, becoming a new, global standard for the way in which self-driving vehicles can communicate safely with other road users.

Volvo came up with a system that consists of external sounds, colors, images, movements and combinations of all these tools to communicate the intentions of the vehicle to other road users. According to Volvo engineers, it must be clear at all times what the car is planning.

Gradual process

The technology of autonomous driving is gradually being introduced. Autonomous cars are introduced in a ‘mixed’ traffic situation in which self-driving cars without human drivers share their way with other road users.

In such a traffic situation it is no longer possible to make eye contact with other road users, let alone take note of the intentions of other drivers – an important element of the contemporary traffic interaction.

The security communication technology of the 360c is aimed at making it clear to other road users what their intentions are. The technology never lays instructions or instructions to other road users.

Gaming, parties, watching Netflix ….

Volvo presents with the 360c four possible applications of autonomous vehicles. A sleeping area, a mobile office, a living room and an entertainment room. All possibilities and interpretations during the journey from A to B.