Auping releases smart bed bases with alarm clock and anti-snoring function

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Auping releases smart adjustable bed bases under the name Smart base. The adjustment function is used to give a boost to snoring sleepers. The adjustment can also be used as an alarm clock function.

Auping Smart base M3

Auping’s smart bed bases work with an Auping Connect device. This is mounted under the bed base and can be operated via a telephone or tablet. The accompanying Auping Connect app measures the sound and can thus detect whether someone is snoring. When using the anti-snoring function, the back section of the mesh base is moved briefly, or the head of the bed rises slightly when snoring is detected. This movement should ensure that the snorer’s airways open up and that he can breathe freely again. Auping aims with the functionality at couples who sleep together and who suffer from each other’s snoring.

The adjustable bottom can also be used as a smart alarm clock. The Auping Connect device measures the moment when the user sleeps the lightest within a set period of 30 minutes. At that point, the headboard goes up a bit. According to Auping, the Smart base bed bases can be linked to other smart devices in combination with the Homey Hub from Athom. Integration is also possible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With a link with those assistants, you no longer need a phone or tablet to use the functions.

Auping offers three Smart base bed bases. The top model has an electrically adjustable back, foot and head section and costs 1645 euros. The other versions are cheaper and have less adjustment functionality.

Smart base 3M Smart base 2M Smart base 1M
Adjustable back Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable foot section Yes Yes No
Adjustable headboard Yes No No (manual)
price 1645 euros 1205 euros 765 euros
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