Apple Watch Series 3 is now the cheapest (and not the SE)

Yesterday Apple launched the Apple Watch SE, which is mainly distinguished by its low price. But it is striking that the smartwatch is not the cheapest Apple Watch. Apple has an even cheaper clock in its Apple Store: the Series 3 from 2017.

Cheapest Apple Watch

Due to a price reduction, the Series 3 in the Apple Store costs only € 219. That is a lot cheaper than the also affordable Apple Watch SE , which has a starting price of € 299.

It is important to know that the hardware of the Apple Watch Series 3 is two years older and that some functions are missing. If you can afford to spend € 80 extra, we recommend that you go for the Apple Watch SE.

Differences Series 3 and SE

The differences between the SE and Series 3 are quite big. First of all, the design of the SE is nicer: the Retina display is 30% larger than the screen of Series 3. In contrast to the Series 3, the SE has ‘Fall detection’, where the clock detects a hard fall. .

Other features missing from the Apple Watch Series 3 are the compass and the Sound app (which warns if the number of decibels could damage your hearing). Also, the SE’s two-year newer S5 chip is up to two times faster than the S3. The fresher chip also ensures that the SE receives updates for longer, which makes it more future-proof.