Garmin is releasing Forerunner 745 sports watch for 500 euros

Garmin is adding a new model to its Forerunner line of GPS sports watches. The Forerunner 745 is aimed at runners and triathletes and offers detailed training statistics and workouts on the device, according to the manufacturer.

The new Garmin Forerunner 745 is largely comparable with the Forerunner 945 in terms of functionality and sensors. slightly smaller than the 47mm top model.

Garmin provides the Forerunner 745 with a number of new features that are not yet available on other Garmin watches. For example, the watch provides detailed information about required recovery time, by also using sleep and stress data in calculations. The sports watch also provides daily suggestions for workouts, both for running and cycling.

The watch has a new Track Run option for running on a running track. For example, users can indicate that they are running on a 400-meter race track, and indicate in which of eight tracks they are running. The watch will then automatically recognize the length, provided the track meets the standards of athletics federations.

The Forerunner 745 has a transreflective 1.2 “LCD with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The watch weighs 47 grams and has nfc and Garmin Pay support. There is also integration with music streaming services like Spotify and space to store up to five hundred MP3s locally According to Garmin, the battery lasts up to seven days in smartwatch mode and up to six hours with simultaneous use of the GPS and music functions.

Together with the watch Garmin is releasing a new heart rate belt: the HRM Pro. It costs 130 euros and is the successor to the HRM Tri. The heart rate belt provides detailed information about running dynamics, such as ground contact time balance, stride length and vertical ratio. According to Garmin, the battery lasts for one year when used for one hour a day. 18 hours of data can be stored locally in the heart rate belt, so the belt can also be used without wearing a watch.

Garmin will release the Forerunner 745 on Wednesday for a suggested retail price of 500 euros. Forerunner 745’s new features are also coming to Forerunner 945, fēnix 6, and Solar models through software updates.