Apple releases new iPod touch

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Apple has announced the first new iPod touch since 2015. The device has the same A10 Fusion chip that was in the iPhone 7 at the time. Furthermore, the iPod touch has storage space up to 256GB and the device offers support for Group Facetime and augmented reality.

The iPod touch is introduced in the form of different models, which differ from each other based on the amount of storage space: 32GB, 128GB or 256GB. The operating system and the included apps take up about 16GB in advance. With a weight of 88 grams, the iPod touch is significantly lighter than the average smartphone.

Like the previous generation, this iPod has a 4″ diagonal retina display. A 3.5mm headphone jack is included. Like the iPhone 7, the new iPod touch also runs on iOS 12.

The iPod touch will be available on Apple’s web store from Tuesday. Physical stores will have the device in stock later this week. Prices range from 229 euros to 339 euros and 449 euros, depending on the amount of storage space. The device is available in six different colors and Earpods are included.

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