Apple introduces new measures to make stalking with AirTags more difficult

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Apple has announced measures that should soon make stalking with AirTags more difficult and make it easier to find unknown traveling Apple Bluetooth trackers. AirTag users will also soon see an additional warning about stalking.

In the course of 2022, Apple says iPhone 11, 12 and 13 users will be given the option to perform accurate location tracking for unknown on-board AirTags after being notified with a banner about the presence of that unknown on-board AirTag.

As soon as an AirTag makes a sound, the users with whom the tracker is currently traveling will also receive a notification on their screen that allows the sound to be played again and for accurate location determination. The latter option also only applies to iPhone 11 models and newer because those devices have an ultrawideband chip.

Apple will also make changes to the Find My algorithm so that a user will be notified more quickly about unknown on-board AirTags. The company will also ensure that unknown AirTags that are reported will make a louder sound so that they are easier to find.

During the set-up process of an AirTag, a warning panel will soon also be displayed in which Apple clarifies that its tracker is only intended to trace its own possessions. The company will also explain that stalking individuals using an AirTag is a criminal offense in many parts of the world and that an AirTag has measures in place to inform potential victims about stalking with an AirTag. The company will also state in that warning panel that personal information associated with an AirTag may be disclosed to local law enforcement authorities if they so request.

Apple will also improve notifications to notify users of potential stalking. In many cases, this involved traveling AirPods or accessories from third parties that supported the Find My network. The company will soon list the name of those accessories in the security notice instead of reporting an ‘unknown object’.


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