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Apple has plans to merge iOS and Mac OS apps

Apple wants to get rid of the diverse range of apps for the smartphone, iPad, and Mac. With the merging of the offer, many more apps become available for the Mac. The two operating systems (iOS and Mac OS) are kept separate. Tim Cook said last year that he did not intend to merge these systems and as it looks now, Apple is sticking to it. The news about merging the offer was published by Bloomberg.

Better and more effective use of apps

The goal is that developers can build an app once in 2021 and then work on the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. This should encourage the development of new software, increasing the use of Apple’s apps.

Every new app is an opportunity for Apple to monetize because it receives a share of revenue over the many app-related purchases and subscriptions. The company has set up its services department as an important focus for the coming year. Two new services are likely to be launched: a premium Apple News subscription and an original initiative for video content.


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