Elon Musk promises Teslas will be able to drive fully autonomously next year

Elon Musk promises that before the end of 2020 Tesla cars will be able to drive completely autonomously from a parking lot to a destination. He talks about full autonomy, which means that the driver could take a nap in the meantime.

Musk also promises that the cars can drive autonomously almost everywhere before the end of the current year, but then the driver still has to keep an eye on things. In other words, Musk promises level 3 autonomy before the end of 2019 and level 4 to 5 before the end of 2020. The Tesla CEO, who says he is confident, makes the statements in an episode of the podcast by ARK Invest. , an investment company that has put money into the automaker.

Currently, Teslas with the right expansion packs still have a ramp-to-exit system, meaning they can drive autonomously on the highway. It is true that people drive faster there, but otherwise the conditions are simpler; for example, there are no cyclists and pedestrians. On the highway, the car can independently regulate speeds, change lanes, navigate through junctions and take an exit.

Wired does note that Musk has made such predictions in the past and that they have not always come true. For example, parts of autonomous driving mid 2017 are already available, but that has not happened. Bloomberg even has a webpage where all deadlines, both missed and met, are tracked. Teslas that roll off the production line after October 2016 already have the hardware on board for fully autonomous driving. Waiting for the software.

Competitors such as Waymo, Lyft and Uber are also working on autonomous driving and partly have their own implementation for each other. However, those companies are not nearly as generous with predictions as the Tesla CEO.