Apple has done it: the company is worth one trillion dollars

Not that it makes a difference for the people who buy the products, but Apple can beat himself, because it is the first company in the world that structurally worth more than one trillion dollars. In other words: thousand billion. Or one hundred thousand million.

$ 1,000,000,000,000.

It’s an unreal amount, that’s for sure. That appreciation (because that’s what it’s about, the valuation of the share on the stock market) has continued to rise because they were almost there. The reason it happened now is that Apple has shown the quarterly figures and that investors were satisfied with that.

This race to the 1 trillion had been going on for a while, because since Apple had reached half a billion in 2012, everyone noticed the mood. It is a remarkable increase, because in the year 2000 an Apple share was exactly one dollar. Meanwhile, that share is worth slightly more than $ 207. That was a very good investment, but then you should have been able to provide all innovations from Apple after 2007 such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad and the App Store around that time.

And the runners-up are …

Despite the last sprint now, it seemed that Apple would lose that historic place to Amazon. Jeff Bezos’s empire was rising very fast and came very close to the same rating. Amazon is currently worth 894 billion, Google (sorry, Alphabet) is 863, Microsoft sits on 826 and then goes down hard with Facebook at 509 and Alibaba around 470.

There has also already been a valuation of 1 trillion by the way. A Chinese company called PetroChina would have made it at the initial IPO, but that was due to a number of factors that caused many more people to have shares than there were, because the Chinese government has more than 85 percent kept in their own hands. That appreciation therefore lasted only a few hours, because after everyone got the hype and the foreign investors rated it as heavily overvalued, the share collapsed. So Apple is the first company that really is worth a billion and that will remain so for the time being.

One thing is certain: the iPhones will not get any cheaper, and only will be squeezed in everything and everyone to become even more profitable. Because the stock market always wants more. And we can pay that as Apple tax on the products.